Sustainable Joy, Even In Quarantine!

Below are 10 ideas for dates that push you to get off the couch and interact with each other in a positive way.

1. DIY Paint Night. Create paintings that will last a lifetime with only a few materials and a YouTube video such as "Painting with LoveJoy."

2. Make a personalized scavenger hunt – Each of you grab 5 photos and hide them with a clue represented by the photo. If you have kids, have them hide the photos for you to get them involved. Once all photos are found reminisce and spend time listening to each others favorite memories.

3. Give massage(s). COVID19 might be causing some tension, stress, and aches. Get close with your partner and help them through this trying time with a loving massage.

4. Start a garden. Not only will it take collaboration and planning but you can count on continued healthy living long after this has passed

5. Play Games for a stake, imagination is key here. Nothing like a little bit of friendly competition.

6. Cook Dinner Together. Create a masterpiece while laughing and dancing then enjoy it on the patio as the sunsets or over the candle light.

7. Dance with one another. Plan it and get dressed up or wear your favorite pajamas and make it spontaneous. Anything to encourage you and your partner to be closer.

8. Take Photographs of and with each other (Be Creative). Before we know it COVID-19 will be over and we will be back to our busy lives. Here’s a couple ways to use the pictures, besides Instagram

  • View when you miss one another, reminder of what you have at home
  • Fight off temptation
  • Use as screensaver

9. Work Out Together. You and your partner might be snacking a little bit more than usual. Whether it’s from Working From Home or stress, help each other release some tension with a good sweat session.

10. Karaoke night. Sing your favorite songs to one another, better yet, together!