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Nichole is an awesome coach! She listens for and identifies the root causes of systematic behaviors that leaves one fruitless in moving towards or accomplishing goals. Her motivation techniques and insight inspires to not only meet goals set but to also development strategy to recognize blockers. I also love how she incorporates the Word of God to be the foundation of conviction, which allows me to stay aligned with my own governing principles and values! I would DEFINITELY recommend Nichole!



Nichole was a wonderful coach. She was very understanding and insightful. Nichole did a great job of guiding me towards my relationship goals. Her smile and joy during each session was refreshing.


Shirley H.

I really enjoyed my sessions with Nicole. Her techniques and questions allowed me to ponder my expectations in a relationship. It helped me to understand my needs and wants. Nicole is very passionate in her calling and truly has a heart to serve

Nita D

The experience was definitely an eye opener. Just going through the pre-session questions alone really made me think about what it is I want from a relationship. She was very personable which made it easier for me to talk to her. And the convenience of virtual sessions made it easy for us to schedule a meeting.


After having a few sessions with Ms. Carter, I am on a better track in my marriage. She helped me with some techniques that has allowed me to speak more openly. I also feel her sessions have made these last few weeks more enjoyable and have allowed us to be in a better space. Thanks Ms. Carter.

Lora Kearney Brooks

Nichole takes the time to listen to your situation. To truly understand your past relationship and how you as a person can heal and move forward into a new relationship. She provides sound questioning to get you thinking about the steps needed to take for the relationship you are looking for.

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