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Dating or Engaged, Joy Is Nearby

Sustainable Joy specializes in making "good" relationships, great. Whether you and your partner need help bringing to light the important pieces that natural chemistry left out, or you as an individual need to filter through what it will take to proceed to the next step; we will guide you through!

Relationships can sometimes harm the mental well-being of both partners, and Sustainable Joy recognizes that. We help couples dating or engaged to smooth out their rough edges and move into their new chapter as positively as possible.

Book a session with Sustainable Joy for yourself or as a couple. Either way, we will coach you through it with gentle reminders of Biblical principles to aid you in finding Sustainable Joy.

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Discover & Define Your Love Story With Sustainable Joy

  • Take the next step in your relationship whether you are dating or engaged

  • Find sustainable joy with personalized strategies couples establish together

  • You can book solo sessions with Sustainable Joy or as a couple

  • Each relationship is unique and therefore deserves a custom strategy

  • Utilize Biblical principles to make “good” relationships great!

  • Discover the power of choice and how you can define your goals and future
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Level Up Your Relationship!

If you believe in love and finding joy but aren’t quite sure how to reach those heights in your current relationship, Sustainable Joy can help you discover your love story through professional relationship coaching.

With individualized strategy sessions for every client, you can expect a completely unique and personalized coaching experience at Sustainable Joy. Nichole works with couples of all backgrounds to help them establish their own goals, expectations, and more.

You Have The Power Of Choice

Ultimately, you have the power to choose what you want and don’t want out of your relationship. Sustainable Joy helps illuminate your best path, but you are the one making the journey. We know you’ll find your couples coaching sessions to be helpful both personally and relationally as the foundation is set with your criteria and Biblical principles.

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We sincerely wish the best for you and your relationship here at Sustainable Joy. If you are interested in learning more about taking the next step in your relationship through our couples coaching, we’d love to hear from you! Contact us to learn more at your convenience.